Accelerating Cell Therapy Development
ImmunoMind uses AI and multi-omics to predict preclinical and clinical efficacy of cell therapies (CAR-T, TCR-T, Treg, gdT) early, helping drug developers focus on therapies that work.
Moonshot startup from UC Berkeley SkyDeck
We improve the design of T-cell therapies today — to make them more efficient and safer for patients tomorrow
From the team behind Immunarch – the gold standard for T-cell and B-cell data analysis, trusted by:
and the global community of 60,000 medical scientists and researchers worldwide
Pfizer · Novartis · UCSF · Stanford · MIT · MD Anderson Cancer Center ·
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • x15-25 more cell behavior factors
    affecting efficacy and related to exhaustion and persistence
  • Prioritize efficient CAR/TCR-T leads x10-15 faster from in vitro and in vivo single-cell sequencing data
  • Leverage single-cell and bulk multi-omics technologies for T-cell therapy development
Why partner with us?
Biotech Startups De-risk
De-risk T-cell therapy on the crucial discovery steps by focusing on the most persistent cell therapy candidates.
Cell Therapy Biopharma Save 6+ months
Focus on cell therapy candidates that work and build internal multi-omics infrastructure to streamline the prioritization of cell therapy candidates.
Research Groups Discover
Study immune cell biology and discover new T-cell therapies with the AI and bioinformatics capabilities of our AI platform.