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Leverage the ImmunoMind platform and eLabJournal to develop safer and more effective cell therapies.
Effortlessly integrate your multi-omics analysis results into your eLabJournal notebooks.
Single cell
Transcriptomics driven selection of preclin...
Single cell
Single-cell analysis of CAR T-cell exhaustion
Single cell
Single-cell analysis of CAR T-cell heterogen...
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We provide a platform demo with examples of our proprietary pipelines. It is available once you create an account on eLabJournal and add ImmunoMind's plugin. Click "Go to ImmunoMind stand" button to see the platform in action.
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Run the platform in 4 simple steps.
1. Sign in on eLabJournal or create an account if you don't have it yet.

2. Install ImmunoMind's plugin
from the eLab Marketplace.

3. Connect ImmunoMind via to partner.

4. Follow the simple instructions
from ImmunoMind's team to configure the plugin.
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