Understanding Drug-Human Interactions
ImmunoMind uses AI and multi-omics to predict the efficacy of immunotherapies and stratify patients.
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From the team behind Immunarch – the gold standard for immunomics data analysis, trusted by:
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and the global community of 60,000 medical scientists and researchers worldwide
  • Immunotherapy efficacy prediction by deciphering the drug-human interactions
  • Patient stratification and monitoring using identified multi-omics biomarkers
  • Leverage single-cell and bulk multi-omics technologies for precision immunotherapy development
Early assessment of CAR-T cell population essential characteristics helps improve the probability of success in later drug development stages. ImmunoMind's platform automatically evaluates CAR-T cells' activation, proliferation, cytotoxicity, senescence, and exhaustion. The platform simultaneously compares the characteristics of several CAR-T products and helps companies choose the best candidate.
T cell exhaustion is a dysfunctional state of T-cells arising from excessive antigen stimulation. It is considered to be one of the critical factors at all stages of CAR-T development and manufacturing. ImmunoMind's technologies precisely evaluate CAR-T cell exhaustion and help in developing effective therapies.
Heterogeneity subpopulations and CD4+/CD8+ ratio are vital attributes of CAR-T product that should be analyzed for the development of effective drugs. By using single-cell technologies, it is now possible to dive into the internal context of CAR-T products, while delineating cell subtypes and cell diversity.
Efficacy is diminished due to the predominance of more differentiated cells in the final CAR-T product. Identification of various differentiated subpopulations results in the ability to optimize the CAR-T manufacturing process. The actionable insights provided by ImmunoMind assist when selecting the most effective composition of a CAR-T product and allow modification of the manufacturing process.
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