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Apply novel strategies to improve the CAR-T product's efficacy by exhaustion estimation
T cell exhaustion limits the efficacy of a drug, as it prevents the CAR-T product from destroying tumor cells. This allows those tumor cells to expand and persist in a host body.
Exhaustion pathways can be signaled with single-cell precision, in order to improve CAR-T design
The actionable insights provided by ImmunoMind can be used to adjust a CAR-T therapy regimen, based on exhaustion signatures within groups of patients
Exhausted T cells result in a heterogenous T cell population which has distinct transcriptomic and functional properties. Since the use of more differentiated T-cell subsets in a similar way leads to cell exhaustion, the exhausted cells are closely related to the heterogeneity of T-cell subpopulations.
T cell exhaustion is a dysfunctional state of T cells, which arises from excessive antigen stimulation or antigen-independent signaling.
T cell exhaustion is one of the crucial factors at all stages of CAR-T development and manufacturing.
As a result of T cell exhaustion, CAR-T cells are unable to destroy tumor cells, which then allows those tumor cells to expand and persist within a host body. CAR-T exhaustion is a key problem at different stages of CAR-T development, as well as after CAR-T drug infusion to patients, because it limits desirable anti-tumor responses. CAR-T exhaustion leads to the low efficiency of a CAR-T drug, and as a result, cancer patients have a significantly lower likelihood of remission.
ImmunoMind simultaneously detects exhaustion signatures, and the composition of a CAR-T product with single-cell precision.
The AI-augmented platform provided by ImmunoMind reveals information about the expression of CAR, exhaustion signatures and markers of a CAR-T product. The platform allows researchers to discover rare cell subpopulations and cells with properties which can inhibit the efficacy of a CAR-T product. The ImmunoMind platform performs a comprehensive analysis of single-cell transcriptomics, and makes that analysis available to medical scientists, which provides for the opportunity to improve the development of a CAR-T product.
You no longer need complicated analyses and long-term calculations! With ImmunoMind, you can:
Estimate the exhaustion signaling pathways of your CAR-T product with single-cell precision, to improve the efficacy and persistence of the product
Help physicians adjust a CAR-T therapy regimen, based on exhaustion signatures of a group of patients
Select the optimal conditions for your CAR-T product at every stage of development
Select the best T cell therapy candidates early with ImmunoMind
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