Application note
Address the extensive heterogeneity of CAR-T drugs to reduce toxicity
High CAR-T heterogeneity leads to decreased efficacy of a CAR-T product, which results in an increased probability to develop side effects in patients
ImmunoMind helps unravel cell heterogeneity, and discover unprecedented rare cell subpopulations
The actionable insights provided by ImmunoMind help associate specific cell subpopulations with specific features of a CAR-T product, making it more effective and safe
Numerous T cell subpopulations possess various functional properties and differentiation status, which form T cell heterogeneity. Thus, T cell heterogeneity is a crucial factor at all stages of CAR-T development and manufacturing. An imbalance during CAR-T composition could lead to severe side effects, which would make the product unusable and ineffective.
The composition of the CAR-T product is based on the complicated biology of T cells.
High CAR-T heterogeneity leads to a low efficacy of the CAR-T drug and cancer patients have significantly lower likelihood of remission.
Successful T cell annotation and the resultant awareness of the precise composition required for an effective CAR-T product, directly influences the quality of the manufacturing process, and the efficiency of the CAR-T drug. Heterogeneous T cell subpopulations and a ratio of CD4+/CD8+ are vital attributes of the CAR-T product. Heterogeneity formed by non T cells is considered to be an artifact of manufacturing.
ImmunoMind detects the composition of a CAR-T product, and performs high-quality annotation with single-cell precision
The augmented platform provided by ImmunoMind allows you to annotate CAR-T products from your data, delineate cell subpopulations and cell diversity, and calculate cell ratio. This step means that the single-cell expression profiles of CAR-T cells will be matched up with the expression profile of each cell's biological state. ImmunoMind helps companies leverage single-cell multi-omics technologies, which provides medical scientists an opportunity to gain insights which can be utilized to improve a product.
You no longer need to perform complicated analyses and long-term calculations! With ImmunoMind you can:
Unravel cell heterogeneity, and isolate unprecedented rare cell subpopulations
Identify cell subpopulations that inhibit the efficacy of CAR-T
Determine the functional capabilities of the designed product, in order to improve the therapeutic response of CAR-T
Select the best T cell therapy candidates early with ImmunoMind
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